Welcome to Witch Doctor Builds for D3

May 14th, 2011


This site lists the best builds for Witch Doctors in D3. There is a large number of diablo 3 builds that will be viable in the game and it will depend on what content you are doing, if you are grouped, what classes you are playing with and your play styIe. I will be listing Witch Doctor builds submitted to me by players, found online or created myself. I will also be posting helpfull information on how to play a Witch Doctor and the skills available to them.

If you have any Witch Doctor builds you would like to submit to this site please email them to admin@witchdoctorbuilds.com. When you submit a build also submit information on how to play the build and any relivant information. Please use the battlenet diablo 3 character builder as it is currently the most up to date engine for making builds.

Here is a video made by IGN that previews the Witch Doctor class.

Witch Doctor Builds

Witch Doctor PVE Builds:

Witch Doctor Power Hungry Build

Mad Dogs Build

PVE Multiplayer Inferno Build

PVE Multiplayer Support Build

Witch Doctor Summoner Build

L-Swarm Summoner Witch Doctor Build

High DPS/Suvivability Build

Nightmare WD Build

Inferno High DPS/Suvivability Build

Witch Doctor PVP Builds(please note PVP arenas will not to be available when Diablo 3 is first released):

Control Witch Doctor